The provisions below constitute a contract establishing the conditions of sale of the company Street Rider.

The user of the website acknowledges having the skills and means necessary to access and use this site. These general conditions may be modified at any time and without notice by the seller.

These modifications are immediately applicable to all subsequent orders.

1. Definitions

The terms used, both in the plural and in the singular in these general conditions of sale will have the following meaning:

CUSTOMER: means any user, adult natural person with the capacity to contract, who has the quality of consumer, that is to say who does not act within the framework of his professional activity and who navigates, takes note, reserves, orders and/or purchases a product offered on the Website.

EDITOR: designates the company STREET RIDER

PRODUCT: refers to any product offered on the WEBSITE

2. Scope

The WEBSITE is open and free to all Internet users, except for certain pages accessible only after registration.

Any order placed via the WEBSITE by the CUSTOMER assumes the prior acceptance by the latter without reservation of these general conditions as well as the pricing conditions in force on the day of acceptance of the order which form an integral part thereof, at the exclusion of any stipulation to the contrary appearing on the CLIENT's order forms or on these general conditions of purchase or, more generally, on any document issued by the CLIENT. These general conditions of sale also prevail over any other document, such as prospectuses, catalogs, documentation issued by the PUBLISHER, which are communicated for information purposes only and have only an indicative value.

The unreserved acceptance of these general conditions of sale will consist in the fact, for the CUSTOMER, of ticking the box corresponding to the following sentence: "I acknowledge having read and accepted the general conditions of the website". Ticking the box will be deemed to have the same value as a handwritten signature on the part of the Internet user. The Internet user acknowledges the value of proof of the automatic registration systems of the PUBLISHER of this WEBSITE and waives the right to contest them in the event of a dispute.

3. Registration on the WEBSITE – Creation of a personal account – Use of the personal account

Creation of the personal account

The creation of a personal account is a prerequisite for any CLIENT order on the WEBSITE.

The information that the CUSTOMER is invited to provide is intended for the establishment of the invoice and the correct delivery of the order, as well as to reinforce and personalize the communication and the offer of PRODUCTS, in particular by newsletters. (or newsletters). All information concerning the CUSTOMER is intended for the PUBLISHER for the purpose of creating a customer file and is subject to.

Required information is marked with an asterisk. These include the CLIENT's email address, a password, gender, surnames and first names, telephone number (provided to the carrier), address, postal code, city and department. Other information is provided optionally and spontaneously by the CLIENT.

The CUSTOMER guarantees that the data he communicates is accurate and in conformity with reality. He undertakes to inform the PUBLISHER without delay in the event of any modification of the data he provided when registering and, if necessary, to make the said modifications himself within his personal space.


Registration for the personal account is also done by providing login credentials (e-mail address and password chosen by the CUSTOMER). The CUSTOMER acknowledges that his identifiers and password are strictly personal and confidential. It is therefore forbidden to communicate or share them with third parties. In the event that the CUSTOMER disseminates or uses these elements in a manner contrary to their intended purpose, the PUBLISHER will be entitled to terminate the CUSTOMER's personal account. The CUSTOMER is solely responsible for the use of these identification elements by third parties, whether fraudulent or not. As such, it guarantees the PUBLISHER against any request and/or action based on the use, fraudulent or not, of its identifiers.


In the event of suspicion of fraudulent use of his identifiers, the CUSTOMER must immediately inform the EDITOR of the WEBSITE.

Use of personal account

This personal account allows the MEMBER to consult all his orders made on the WEBSITE and to follow their delivery, to manage his subscriptions to the various newsletters.


The pages relating to the personal account are freely printable by the MEMBER in question but do not constitute proof, they have only an informative character intended to ensure efficient management of his orders by the MEMBER.

Fraud prevention system

In order to ensure the security of transactions and to meet the demand for the prevention of fraud in distance selling, the PUBLISHER carries out random checks on the placing of orders. As part of a random check, the PUBLISHER may invite the CLIENT to send by post to the following address: Street Rider la vignasse 46150 Crayssac or by e-mail to the following address: supporting documents address and/or identity (the aim being to ensure the reality of the identity (double-sided copy of the CLIENT's valid identity card or passport) and of the domiciliation (receipt EDF, water bill, telephone bill or tax notice) for the finalization of the order.

In the absence of supporting documents and/or if the documents sent do not make it possible to ascertain the identity of the author of the order and the reality of the direct debit, the PUBLISHER will reimburse the sums incurred by the CLIENT by bank reversal, within thirty (30) days from the expiry of the period defined in this article, and the sale will be canceled as of right.

Deleting the personal account

The PUBLISHER reserves the exclusive right to delete the account of any CUSTOMER who has contravened these general conditions (in particular when the MEMBER has knowingly provided erroneous information when registering and setting up his personal account) or any account inactive for at least a year. The CUSTOMER will be informed of the deletion of his account by e-mail seven (7) days before the latter takes effect. Said deletion will not be likely to constitute damage for the CUSTOMER who will not be able to claim any compensation as a result. This deletion does not exclude the possibility for the PUBLISHER to take legal action against the CLIENT, when the facts have justified it.

4. Tariff

The prices of our products are indicated in euros, excluding transport costs.

The crossed out prices correspond to the selling prices noted on the market.

The seller reserves the right to modify its prices at any time but undertakes to apply the prices in force which will have been indicated to you at the time of your order.

They cannot commit us definitively.

The prices may vary in relation to the costs of raw materials, the dollar rate, the import tax in force, and the price of transport.

5. Payment

The CUSTOMER chooses his method of payment. He can make his payment by check, by credit card (3D secure payment), payment in 3X or 4X credit card. IT IS EXPRESSLY AGREED BETWEEN THE PARTIES THAT ONLY THE MEANS OF PAYMENT PROPOSED BY THE PUBLISHER ARE ACCEPTED. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES CAN THE CUSTOMER PAY BY FIDUCIARY CURRENCY (currency or banknotes). The applicable conditions are explained in the following articles.

The CUSTOMER will then be redirected to the payment interface he has chosen.

Paperless payment:

a) General Rules:

In the case of single payment by credit card (only CB-Visa and MasterCard) or 3X and 4X by Bank Card (CB 3D secure payment), the CUSTOMER will be redirected to the secure interface entirely governed by the banking establishment concerned, dematerialized payments are made through secure transactions provided by service providers.


The CUSTOMER guarantees that he is fully authorized to use the bank card he uses and that this bank card gives access to sufficient funds to cover the costs of the order and undertakes to provide these establishments with accurate information.

b) Payments in installments:

In accordance with article L311-5 of the Consumer Code, it is recalled that "A credit commits you and must be repaid. Check your repayment capacity before committing yourself".

As long as the PUBLISHER and/or the credit institution has not notified the CLIENT of the granting of the credit and in any case for a period of fourteen days (period during which the CLIENT has the right to withdraw of its credit offer exclusively), the PUBLISHER is not bound by its obligation to deliver.

3X or 4XCB payment: Payment by 3X or 4XCB is possible in certain cases depending on the amount of the order. This method of payment is free of charge for the customer. Information relating to the 3X or 4X CB payment is accessible via a hypertext link on the WEBSITE.

Payment by bank check

In the case of payment by check, the CUSTOMER agrees to send a bank check equal to the amount of the order to the following address: STREET RIDER la vignasse 46150 Crayssac, mentioning the order number on the back of the check.

Payment by check must be accompanied by a legible copy of proof of identity in accordance with article L131-15 of the Monetary and Financial Code.

The order will only be dispatched after receipt of the cheque, the copy of the proof of identity and verification of these elements by the PUBLISHER.

Confirmation of payment:

Once the payment has been validated by the banking institution concerned, in the case of a dematerialized payment or in several installments, or after validation of the payment by check, the CUSTOMER will be sent an email acknowledging receipt of the choice of payment and summarizing the details. of his order.

6. Delivery - Transport

Delivery terms:

The delivery of products weighing less than 30 kilos is made by post in colissimo 48h.

For products weighing more than 30 kilos, delivery is made by carrier.

The products ordered are delivered to the address provided by you.

You will have to provide us with all the useful information for the proper delivery of your order, in particular name, address, possible access code to the building, floor, telephone number to reach you at the time of delivery.

Delivery times are given for information only and without guarantee from the seller.

The delivery of products is carried out by service providers independent of Street Rider.

Delays cannot, under any circumstances, justify the cancellation of the order, nor the payment of compensation.

The goods must be checked in the presence of a transport agent, even if the packaging appears intact.

The verification is considered to have been carried out when the buyer or a person authorized by him has signed the delivery note.

If the buyer detects damage (open or damaged packages) concerning the delivery, he must immediately make the necessary reservations to the deliveryman and refuse the delivery.

If there was a shortage or substitution, the observation must be recorded on the carrier's delivery slip and these reservations must be confirmed by registered letter within 48 working hours of receipt (article 105 of the Commercial Code).

In the absence of any recipient, a transit advice note is left at the delivery address, any costs of new presentation are left to the buyer's responsibility.

It is up to the recipient to exercise his recourse against the carrier in the event of missing items, damage or delay.

The risks relating to the items sold therefore pass to the buyer upon receipt or removal of our deposits.

The buyer must also report any anomaly by registered mail and confirm his reservations to the carrier no later than 3 working days following receipt of the item(s) and send a copy of this letter to Street Rider.

Complaints received beyond the deadlines indicated or not having complied with the above procedures will be systematically rejected and will release the company Street Rider from any liability vis-à-vis the buyer.

7. Right of withdrawal

The right of withdrawal only applies to natural persons.

In accordance with Articles L. 120-20, the consumer has a period of fourteen (14) days to return, at his expense, the products that do not suit him. This period runs from the day of receipt of the consumer's order. The deadlines include public holidays, Sundays and Saturdays unless these are expressly excluded or if the deadlines are expressed in working days. If the last day of a period expressed otherwise than in hours is a public holiday, a Sunday or a Saturday, the period ends on the expiry of the last hour of the following working day.

Any return may be reported in advance to Street Rider customer service. The product should be returned to:

Street Rider

The vinasse

46150 Crayssac

Only products returned as a whole will be taken back, in their complete and intact original packaging, and in perfect condition for resale. Any product that has been damaged, or whose original packaging has been damaged, will not be refunded, returned or exchanged. This right of withdrawal is exercised without penalty, with the exception of shipping and return costs. In the event of the exercise of the right of withdrawal, the consumer has the choice to request either the reimbursement of the sums paid, or the exchange of the product. In the case of an exchange, the reshipment will be at the expense of the consumer.

In the event of exercise of the right of withdrawal, Street Rider will make every effort to reimburse the consumer within 14 days.

Here is the link to the withdrawal form.

8. Product warranty

The provisions hereof cannot deprive the consumer of the legal guarantee which obliges the professional seller to guarantee him against all the consequences of latent defects of the thing sold.

All quad and motorcycle type products with a hidden defect are subject to the legal warranty.

The customer must immediately notify the after-sales service

The warranty on the Spy 350 cc is 1 year parts

The warranty on our children's quads is 3 months parts.

The parts warranty is 3 months.

All our guarantees include repairs, excluding labor and return costs. Consequently, in the event of damage caused to a person or property by default of the product, the sole responsibility of the manufacturer of the product. This may be sought by the consumer, on the basis of the information appearing on the packaging of the said product.

Excluded from this warranty are all products fitted, modified or repaired by the customer or by any other entity than the service providers chosen by Street Rider.

9. Disclaimer


Driving these vehicles involves wearing protective clothing, elbow pads, knee pads, motorcycle gloves and a helmet, not provided.

The warranty is not applicable for sustained use, intensive use such as competition on circuits, races, rental, which would produce abnormal overheating of the motor, overloading such as driving with two people on the machine, falls, improper use of the improper fuel or lubricant, poor maintenance, normal wear and tear during use, transmission chain breakage, abnormal tire wear or appearance defects, brake pad wear, except for any manufacturing defects.

We cannot be held responsible for accidents caused by these vehicles to any third parties. Our responsibility would not have been engaged in case of use on uneven ground, on sidewalks, bumpy places, for jumps and figures Free style

The consumer is expressly informed that our company is not the producer of this product, within the meaning of law n° 98-389 of May 19, 1998 and relating to liability for defective products.

In the event of damage caused to a person or property by default of the product, only the responsibility of the producer of the latter may be sought by the consumer.

Street Rider informs you that in accordance with the law From now on, owners of mini-motorcycles and mini-quads have the obligation to declare these vehicles to the Ministry of the Interior

10. Dispute Resolution

The territorially competent jurisdiction is, unless otherwise provided, that of the place where the defendant lives. If there are several defendants, the plaintiff seizes, at his option, the jurisdiction of the place where one of them lives. If the defendant has no known domicile or residence, the plaintiff may seize the jurisdiction of the place where he lives or that of his choice if he lives abroad.

The plaintiff can seize at his choice, in addition to the jurisdiction of the place where the defendant lives:

- in contractual matters, the jurisdiction of the place of actual delivery of the item or of the place of performance of the service ;

- in tort, the jurisdiction of the place of the harmful event or that in whose jurisdiction the damage was suffered.

11. Retention of title clause

The company Street Rider is the owner of the goods supplied, until complete payment, in accordance with Law No. 80335 of March 1980, it being specified that within the meaning of this clause, only the actual cashing of checks and commercial paper will be worth payment.

Under this retention of title, Street Rider shall have the right to take back unpaid merchandise.

In this case, all costs will be borne by the Buyer.

Street Rider may keep the sums already received, deposits and others as compensation.

12. Sale on deposit

The goods offered for sale by is available at the Depot

Street Rider
The vinasse
46150 Crayssac

Customers can come and buy the goods directly at the depot by appointment.

13. Use of cookies and collection of IP address

In order to allow all Internet users an optimal navigation on the WEBSITE as well as a better functioning of the various interfaces and applications, the PUBLISHER may proceed to the implementation of a cookie on the user's computer station. This cookie makes it possible to store information relating to navigation on the site (date, page, times), as well as any data entered by Internet users during their visit (searches, login, email, password).

These cookies are intended to be kept on the Internet user's computer for a variable period of up to 24 (twenty-four) months and may be read and used by the PUBLISHER during a subsequent visit by the Internet user. on this site.

The user has the possibility of blocking, modifying the retention period, or deleting cookies via the interface of his browser.

For Internet Explorer:

In the menu bar, choose the Tools menu

From the drop-down menu, choose Internet Options

Click on the General tab

Click on the Delete button in the Browsing History section

In the Delete browsing history window, select the cookies box and uncheck the option Keep data from favorite websites

Finally click on the Delete button

For Mozilla firefox:

Choose the "tool" menu then "Options"

Click on the "privacy" icon

Locate the "cookie" menu and select the options that suit you
For Google Chrome:
Click on the "Customize and control Google Chrome" button (button on the right of the menu bar)

Select History

Then click on the "Delete browsing data" button

Select "Delete cookies and other site and plug-in data"

Then click on "Delete browsing data"

In such a case, navigation on the WEBSITE will not be optimized. IF THE SYSTEMATIC DEACTIVATION OF COOKIES ON THE CUSTOMER'S BROWSER PREVENTS THEM FROM USING CERTAIN SERVICES OR FUNCTIONALITIES PROVIDED BY THE EDITOR, THIS MALFUNCTION WILL NOT IN ANY CASE CONSTITUTE DAMAGE FOR THE MEMBER WHO WILL NOT BE ABLE TO CLAIM ANY COMPENSATION AS A RESULT. . CUSTOMERS also have the option of deleting cookies previously present on their computer, by going to the menu of their browser provided for this purpose (generally, tools or options / privacy or confidentiality). Such an action has no impact on their navigation on this site, but causes users to lose all the benefit provided by the cookie. In this case, they will have to enter all the information concerning them again.

14. CNIL – right of access to files

CUSTOMERS have the freedom to provide personal information about them. The provision of personal information is not essential for navigation on the WEBSITE, but facilitates access to it.

Certain services offered by the EDITOR via the WEBSITE to the CUSTOMER require prior registration on the WEBSITE, which implies the collection, by the EDITOR, of a certain amount of personal information concerning the CUSTOMER.

CUSTOMERS who do not wish to provide the information necessary for the use of the services offered by the WEBSITE as well as, where applicable, necessary for the creation of a personal space, will not be able to use the services offered by the EDITOR of the WEBSITE. INTERNET, nor place an order on the WEBSITE

In the context of an order on the WEBSITE, the information relating to the collection of data relating to payment, in particular the bank card number and its use for commercial identification purposes is subject to obtaining the consent of the person concerned. , through the various forms present on the WEBSITE. These data are collected and processed exclusively by the banking institution concerned (Crédit Agricole for payment by bank card and Sofinco for payment in 3X or 4X by Bank Card) which are solely responsible for processing.

The data collected is necessary for the proper administration of the services offered on the WEBSITE as well as for the respect of its contractual obligations by the PUBLISHER. These data, except those relating to means of payment, are kept by the EDITOR in this sole capacity, and the EDITOR undertakes not to use them in any other context, nor to transmit them to third parties, without express agreement. of the CUSTOMER or cases provided for by law. These data are subject to computer processing. The data controller, except for data relating to means of payment, is the EDITOR of the WEBSITE, whose contact details are given at the end of these general conditions. The contact details of all CUSTOMERS registered on the WEBSITE are saved for a period of five years, a reasonable period necessary for the proper administration of the WEBSITE and normal use of the data. These data are kept under secure conditions, according to current technical means, in compliance with the provisions of the Data Protection Act of January 6, 1978.

In accordance with the latter, any CUSTOMER has the right to oppose, query, access and rectify the data he has provided. For this, it is enough for him to make the request to the PUBLISHER of this WEBSITE, by formulating it to the following electronic address:, or by post to the address of the headquarters of the EDITOR mentioned at the end of these general conditions.

The personal data collected is not subject to any transfer abroad.

15. About us

Website is published by the company Street Rider, a sole proprietorship registered in the Cahors Trade and Companies Register under number 478 806 474 and whose registered office is La vignasse 46150 Crayssac Represented by Mr Cotinaut Jonathan

The site is hosted by OVH, 2 rue Kellermann - 59100 Roubaix

For any complaint concerning the WEBSITE, you can contact The Street Rider company:

- By telephone from Tuesday to Saturday from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. and from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. except public holidays: 0565233670 (non-surcharged call from a landline)

- Electronically to the following address:

- By post to the following address: Street Rider la vignasse 46150 Crayssac